The Genesis Generation Challenge is an initiative of the Genesis Prize Foundation in honor of Michael R. Bloomberg, the inaugural Genesis Prize Laureate. It is designed to encourage members of the millennial generation from across the globe to submit ideas for projects, guided by Jewish values, that will measurably better the world locally or globally. The goals of the Challenge are to inspire engagement among young adult Jews (ages 20-36). Teams will compete by attracting creative social entrepreneurs with innovative ideas for transforming their larger communities and encouraging other Jewish young adults to participate.

One million dollars (USD) of total funds will be provided. Teams will compete by submitting specific project proposals, including budgets and measures of performance, and up to ten teams will each receive at least $100,000 to implement their plans. Teams will be comprised of a team leader and members who can come from anywhere in the world. Teams are encouraged to collaborate and to propose new projects, but more seasoned teams who may have already established successful initiatives may also apply by adapting those programs to meet the application requirements. Project submissions can recommend non-profit or for-profit ventures.

To ensure a fair, open, and transparent process, we will publish all application requirements, the specific scoring tool for assessing each completed application, and the name and relevant experience of each Judge responsible for scoring the competing teams. Every team that completes an application will receive detailed scores and feedback from each of their five assigned Judges, and those scores will be statistically normalized to ensure that everyone is treated fairly. Judges will be credible experts, leaders from around the world in business, philanthropy, social good, and other related fields, and will be announced in the coming months. The competition is designed, so that even teams who do not win can connect to other teams, receive targeted feedback, and enjoy a competition that facilitates collaboration and opens new networks.

Teams will be matched with a mentor in their field to help ensure project success and will be convened to share ideas and learn from each other.

Team leaders will demonstrate:

  • The ability to lead a team
  • The ability to articulate an innovative idea that will measurably better the world
  • The ability to develop a project plan, budget, and statement on the Jewish and universal values that drive the project
  • The ability to invest substantial time in the project
  • The strong desire to see the project succeed
  • Openness to feedback and support from a professional mentor

The Genesis Generation Challenge will launch on August 1st. At that time, you may revisit this website, where we will post all of the details of the competition. You can enter your contact information today, to receive updates and reminders of the launch.