Polish Festivals – Unique festivals that attract tourists

Poland is a country famous for its magnificent castles and ancient streets. Besides, Polish culture is also extremely special by unique festivals. When going to Polish festivals, tourists will have the opportunity to enjoy the fun and understand more about this country.

Polish Festival – Viking

This is the largest festival in Poland, is related to religion, is a cultural event of a community nature. The festival is a unique cultural event of the Wolin region, a series of activities such as: Exhibition of combat weapons, music and food performances, etc. will be held.

Viking Festival

The Viking Festival, first held in 1970, attracted hundreds of thousands of attendees. People organize the festival to let their children and grandchildren know how to become a true warrior. Future generations will know how the Vikings made swords…The Viking festival is boldly ancient. The festival is started when a man wearing a traditional costume with a flower holds a horn and stands up.

Polish Festival – Lajkonik

Lajkonik festival is held on the first Thursday immediately after the Feast of the Body of Christ. This festival takes place once a year, it is also a way to commemorate Poland’s victory against the invaders Genghis Khan.
At this festival, Polish people gather in the courtyard of the monastery of Premonstraténia in the district of Zwierzyniec. People usually wear traditional Polish clothes and wear a ponytail badge.

Lajkonik Festival

The festival is held in parallel with the Lajkonik procession, with lively music and many other boisterous activities. The procession brought a joyful atmosphere, celebrating the victories of the old battles. Musical troupes will play musical instruments such as drums, clarinet, flute, etc. This has created a lively atmosphere of the festival. The procession will begin when the great hero Lajkonik and wearing long peacock feathers enter the Tatar courtyard on a wooden horse.

Polish Festival – Wianki

The festival takes place in the middle of the Polish summer, Wianki means wreath, the name of the festival is named after the custom of dropping the wreath into the river. The scale of this festival is the largest in Krakow city.

Wianki Festival

At the festival, young men and women will wear traditional costumes and pair up. Together they made wreaths and danced by the campfire. Young women would mark their wreaths with some kind of tree and release it into the river. Based on the movement of the wreath on the river, people will predict their future.
In addition to these 3 major Polish festivals, there are still many other special festivals. You and your family, relatives and friends come here to join us!