5 principles of women’s beauty you must know

A bright white skin, no wrinkles, pigmentation, smooth and healthy beauty is always the wish of many women. There are many skin beauty treatments that women apply to themselves as well as share them with friends. But where is the comprehensive method to ensure efficiency and safety? Let’s find out the following 5 principles of women’s beauty you must know.

Reasonable diet

One of the 5 beauty principles of women you must know is the diet. Body and skin are both directly influenced by diet. If you know how to take advantage of the rich food sources, https://foodsofparadise.com/, you can completely improve your skin from within.
Green vegetables and fruits: dark green vegetables, oranges, grapefruit, grapes, pomegranates … are rich sources of vitamins and minerals for the body. This is a food group that should not be overlooked because the rich mineral and fiber this food group brings. Diverse vitamin content helps to strengthen the resistance, promote metabolism, and eliminate bacteria and toxins present in the body to keep the skin healthy and white.

Have a reasonable diet every day

Maintain adequate hydration for skin

This is the principle of determination, simplicity and also important, but also the principle that many women ignore. The body needs enough 2 liters of water / day to maintain life, help the organ function with high efficiency while eliminating and purifying toxins.

Fully replenish Collagen and Glutathione

Collagen is a constituent of 70% of the skin structure, helping the cells to link together to create elasticity for the face and body.
Glutathione acts as a super powerful antioxidant and it can be confirmed that this is the most powerful antioxidant in the body, every cell in the body needs glutathione for a healthy body … Brighten, whiten skin by Inhibits the synthesis of melanin, making the skin dark, pigmentation and increasing the synthesis of pigments to help brighten skin.

Sun protection is always essential

UV rays are not only found in the sun’s rays but are also emitted from electric lights, high-pressure lamps, computer screens, and television screens. Gentle sun protection even at night is also essential.

Use sunscreen every day even when you’re out of town

Laugh more

5 principles of women’s beauty that you must know cannot ignore the smile principle. Because stress, stress or irritability are bad habits that cause wrinkles to form. Instead, think positively and smile more, stay away from stress to keep your skin youthful.
Beauty will not be difficult if you understand the 5 beauty principles of women you must know above. Please pay attention to help yourself have a beautiful appearance!

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