Some things to know about Polish culture before visiting this country!

Are you planning to travel or have a long business trip in the beautiful country of Poland in the near future? And you are looking to know more about the culture of this country so you will not be surprised when you come here? So, let us suggest some typical Polish culture features below for your reference!

About greetings culture

The first Polish culture that you need to learn is how to greet. The people of Poland are very friendly and hospitable, that is shown through the way of greeting.

When greeting friends or guests, Poles often look victorious in front of their opponents with a gentle smile and greetings depending on the different time frame. If they met in the morning / afternoon, they would greet with “Dzień dobry”, if they met in the morning, they would greet with “Dobry wieczór”.

When they call a man, they add the word “Pan”, and when they call a woman, they add “Pani”. The popular languages in Poland are quite diverse, including: English, Slavic, German, French, …. When going to meetings, parties, Poles will often greet women first, then the men, bases on the status and ages from high to low.

When greeting friends, Poles often look victorious in front of their opponents with a gentle smile

Polish culture in cuisine

When you come to Poland, you will definitely enjoy the unique culinary culture here. Poland in general has culinary characteristics similar to European countries. In each Polish daily meal, there will be main dishes such as sausage, meat, potatoes, vegetables.

In particular, the Poles are very fond of eating barbecue outside. After each meal, they like to sip a cup of hot, fragrant coffee. If you are invited to dinner by Polish people, you should dress politely and remove shoes before entering the house. In particular, you should arrive on time and help the host prepare dinner. After meals, you can clean and wash dishes with the host to show your friendliness.

Polish culture in clothes and working style

If you are visiting Poland for work or doing interviews with Poles, you need to pay attention to your working style. If you are a man, you should choose a polite suit, tie neatly, choose dark, avoid choosing flashy colors.

If you are female, it is advisable to wear discreet skirts, not too short. You should dress classy and polite.

Polish culture when getting acquainted someone

When calling for acquaintance with Poles, you are not allowed to use their first name because they consider calling by last name provocative or degrading in terms of social status.

If you are on the same level call Pan (Mr) or Pani (Mrs) plus first name. If you meet with partners, you must not forget to call along with their titles and positions to show your respect for the opponent.

When calling for acquaintance with Poles, you must not use their last name

So we have finished sharing some basic information about Polish culture before visiting this country for your reference. If you have any questions about the culture of Poland, please contact us immediately for more specific advice!

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